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Principles of Activities

Principles of Activities

The Japan Internet Providers Association (JAIPA), an incorporated organization, will carry out activities based on the following basic principles.

  • JAIPA will, based on the voluntary involvement of members through its various departments, actively carry out activities for the common interest of the Internet industry that cannot be conducted by individual providers.
  • JAIPA will tackle, in various forums, issues related to the Internet from a position close to users, as an association of providers of Internet services who understand the needs of users most clearly.
  • JAIPA considers its primary mission to be the provision of a forum for its members to carry out joint activities for the common interest of Internet users.
  • JAIPA will collect, analyze, and report statistical on data regarding the Internet service industry as a whole. JAIPA will, through the provision of information to the Internet service providers that are its members, carry out support activities for providers, thereby contributing to the development of the Internet service industry.
  • JAIPA will act as an appropriate mediator, offering a common point of contact for the providers in relation to the government and other industries .
  • JAIPA will be involved in activities, both inside and outside the industry, that contribute to the improvement of the Internet-use environment from a fair and neutral position that is not biased toward the providers.
  • JAIPA will, in its activities, strive to maintain a management that achieves transparency both internally and externally.
  • JAIPA will promote contacts, exchange and sharing of information, and mutual friendship among the members and strive to foster an environment of healthy competition.