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List of Activities

List of Activities

JAIPA will carry out the following activities mainly through its various departments and working groups.

1.Promotion of an Internet that users can use safely and with a sense of security.

  • Participation in the Internet Access Service Safe and Security Mark Promotion Group and acting as the secretariat for the Group.
  • Participation in the providers' council regarding ISP Law (Law of Providers' Responsibility).
  • Participation in the council to study guidelines, etc., regarding ISP Law.
  • Participation in the Telecommunications Personal Information Protection Promotion Center.
  • Participation in Telecom-ISAC Japan.
  • Participation in the Information Security Promotion Council in the telecommunication industry.
  • Participation in the e-Net Caravan Promotion Council.
  • Participation in working group on spam.
  • Participation in a study group concerning illegal/harmful information on the Internet and participation in the development of guidelines on measures to deal with online suicide-related posts.
  • Participation in the establishment of the Internet Hotline Center.
  • Development and operation of various sites for beginners on the use of the Internet, spam prevention measures, and the use of hosting services.
  • Participation in the Council for the Promotion of Network Information Security Manager (NISM)

2.Cooperation and proposals related to the policies of government agencies including the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications among others.

  • Participation in the committee on the next generation IP network infrastructure of the IP network technology committee of the IT Council.
  • Participation in an IP network working group of the next generation IP infrastructure study group.
  • Submission of various position papers including "Position Paper to the Study Group on the Framework for Competition Rules to Address the Transition to IP Based Networks" and "Position Paper concerning the Universal Service System:・
  • Participation in the Telecommunication Consumers Support Network.
  • Participation in the Study Group on Privacy Issues in Tele-communication Companies.
  • Participation in the Study Group on Anti-Spam Measures.
  • Participation in the Network Council for the Promotion of Measures against Phishing.
  • Participation in the Study Group on the Preparation of a Well-Balanced Nationwide Broadband Infrastructure.
  • Conducting various questionnaire surveys for providers.

3.Work on common issues facing Internet providers.

  • Work on common issues facing Internet providers.
  • Participation in the Internet Governance Task Force.
  • Participation in network on Internet governance.
  • Participation in Internet Week (on-line study meeting on laws).
  • Support and cooperation for Hosting-Pro, an exhibition for hosting companies.
  • Participation in the Council for the Promotion of Telecommunication Service Improvement and participation in the development of voluntary standard guidelines for Internet advertisements.
  • Development of guidelines for showing the total price including the sales tax by telecommunication companies.
  • Exchanges with Internet-related industry organizations abroad.

4.Study on the Internet and work for the future of the Internet.

  • Participation in the Next Generation IP Network Promotion Forum.
  • Participation in a network among operators on next generation networks.
  • Development of a survey report on the actual situation of Internet use and development of an Internet provider access map.

5. Management support for ISPs and exchange of information and personnel.

  • Holding of meetings of local ISPs around the country.
  • Holding of meetings of the working group to study of management of local ISPs.
  • Holding of various study meetings for ISPs such as a study meeting on the maintenance of the secrecy of communications.
  • Provision of common use news server.
  • Participation in the Council on the Telecommunication Tax System.